Ouagadougou colloquium closes

FAC’s Jim Sumberg presented research on Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) programs and their link with social protection measures. This research is available in FAC Working Paper.

FAC was also part of a colloquium delegation invited to meet with the Prime Minister Tertius Zongoon 7 December at which research and the expectations of the colloquium were discussed with His Excellency. In addition, FAC presented colloquium participants with a suite of publications in French, namely, Jim Sumberg and Rachel Sabates-Wheeler’s HGSF program and Social Protection, a full series of FAC Policy Briefs, a CD containing all research publications and the latest FAC flyer.

FAC will continue to work with CEDRES to profile outcomes from the colloquium and our work with CEDRES’ Taladidia Thiombian and Damien Lankoandé on the Burkina Faso / Ghana transect study will continue under our West Africa work lead by Jim Sumberg.

FAC will work toward making its library of materials available in French and we look forward to the launch of the FAC website in full translation.