Fellowships for Afrcian scholars

Today, FAC is launching a cooperative programme to bolster the upcoming African agriculture researchers. In a partnership with the Collaborative Masters Program in Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE), FAC launches a  three-year capacity building programme that will be available to early career professionals working in Africa and the UK.

Both fulltime and part-time appointments are available and all fellowships will have a senior FAC researcher affiliated with a FAC partner institution. The awards will support original field-based and policy-oriented research on African agricultural policy.

Three awards are available: i) Africa-based one-year fulltime post-Masters or post-doc appointments ii) Africa-based part-time post-Masters or post-doc appointment over one year and iii) UK-based six-month fulltime post-doc appointment.

Candidates should have no more than three years active post-Masters or post-doctoral experience at the time that their FAC Fellowship starts. Those who submitted their Masters dissertation or doctoral thesis more than three years before the date they wish to start their fellowship will not be eligible, except where the applicant has interrupted their career for family, health or other personal reasons.

Applications will be invited from young researchers who have recently completed their degree in an appropriate development-related field, including agricultural or applied economics, anthropology, development studies, environmental science and policy (including climate change), gender studies, geography, political science, public administration, rural sociology, science and technology studies, etc. The focus is on junior candidates early in their careers with a strong interest in conducting research on agricultural policy issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. Eligible women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.