18 November: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup

Ghana’s president looks forward to Brazil loan

Brazil’s loan of $1 billion to Ghana is set to arrive soon, according to President John Dramani Mahama. The loan will be used for a number of projects, including agriculture, energy and infrastructure. In a recent speech, he focused on applying a large portion of the loan on housebuilding projects, which would also create jobs.
(Ghana Business News)

ECDPM conference: CAADP and emerging economies

Last week the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) hosted a meeting on ‘Emerging Economies and the Changing Dynamics in African Agriculture: What role for CAADP?’. The event was attended by CBAA’s Prof. Li and Henry Tugendhat; a follow conference is expected within the next year. The conference organisers prepared a discussion paper with the same title, ahead of the event:
Emerging Economies and the Changing Dynamics in African Agriculture: What Role for CAADP?

UK announces investment in Tanzania trade links

As part of the UK’s new move towards mixing aid with trade and investments, DFID has announced four projects worth £20 million in Tanzania’s agricultural sector. These projects are largely focused on tea-farming and agribusinesses that work with small-scale farmers.
(The Guardian)

SSA’s economic exposure to China

The Financial Times’ ‘Beyond BRICS’ blog cites findings from an IMF study that warns that Africa’s increasing dependence on Chinese trade, leave it at risk to economic shocks should China’s growth slow or demands change.
(Beyond Brics blog – FT)

Chinese investors sour on Brazil, and projects melt away

Brazil is falling out of favour with Chinese investors due to stagnant economic growth, heavy costs, and what they see as a political and popular backlash against their presence. Two thirds of the roughly $70 billion in projects announced since 2007 are said to be either on hold or cancelled. This is expected to be a particular problem for Brazil’s farming industry that was said to have been optimistic about Chinese investments in relevant infrastructure.
(Reuters, via SAFPI)

Free book downloads

Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão (FUNAG) have made a collection of books available free to download from their website, on topics including Brazil, BRICS, international relations, foreign policy and more (in English and Portuguese).