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19 November 2014: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup
November 19, 2014 / Our blog
ABC interview key figures on South-South cooperation The Agência Brasileira de Cooperação (ABC) has published a series of interviews with people related to its South-South cooperation programmes. Relevant to African cooperation projects, this has included an interview with the Director

7 ways to work for better land rights
November 14, 2014 / Our blog
Recognise and strengthen customary rights, starting with statutory recognition Most of Africa’s land is held under customary land rights, and many of these property regimes are robust and have local legitimacy. Conventional land administration systems often fail in Africa, as

Does land titling work?
November 14, 2014 / Our blog
Only 20 studies over the past 30 years met the strict inclusion criteria. Very few studies disaggregated positive effects on women, a clear gap in the available research on tenure reforms. The results showed strong regional variations in the outcomes

Productivity assessments are let down by poor methods
November 13, 2014 / Science, Technology and Innovation
Flawed methods are used to assess the productivity of new technology for farmers, resulting in unreliable evidence, according to a new briefing by Future Agricultures member Michael Loevinsohn. New technology that enables sustainable and profitable production of food is critical

Tackling land questions: Searching for systematic solutions amid a web of politics
November 13, 2014 / Our blog
Amid these tensions, the inaugural Conference on Land Policy in Africa started on Tuesday 11 November 2014 at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa. Contradictions abound: UN and World Bank aficionados praising the technical solutions many African countries are

Land policy for the next decade: Taking stock and moving forward
November 12, 2014 / Our blog
Her Excellency further observed that, in Africa, about 60% of the population derives its livelihood and incomes from farming, yet Africa’s agriculture is yet to match the needs of its growing population. The Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) is

12 November 2014: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup
November 12, 2014 / Our blog
Brazil resumes swine exports to South Africa Swine exports from Brazil to South Africa have resumed after a 9 year ban. The block was originally imposed by Brazil after a spate of foot and mouth disease in Brazil, and its

7 November 2014: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup
November 7, 2014 / Our blog
‘Where is the evidence that land grabs are good for economic progress?’ This article questions whether land relocations will really benefit resource-rich countries. This is an interest question to be raised within the remit of the project, both concerning countries

Emerging Seed Markets: The Role of Brazilian, Chinese and Indian Seeds in African Agriculture
November 7, 2014 / Policy Briefs
Policy Brief 79 Henry Tugendhat In recent years, three of the largest emerging powers, Brazil, China and India, have all brought about incredible agricultural revolutions and seeds have played a big part in that story. Nowadays, their seed markets are

Young African Researchers in Agriculture (YARA) network
Young African Researchers in Agriculture (YARA) network
November 3, 2014 / Young People & Agrifood
The rural young population of Africa is rapidly growing and is expected to rise until at least 2040, in a context of rapid change in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa. The key objective of this network is to promote robust empirical