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Homefields and outfields: different sites, different response to soil management
March 10, 2015 / Our blog
These data are from rich Highveld red soils, and the pattern will be different in the majority of sandy or sandy loam soils elsewhere, where loss of organic matter is often more sudden, and very difficult to reverse. Many soils

More than rocket science: the 3 generations of Farmer First
More than rocket science: the 3 generations of Farmer First
March 9, 2015 / Our blog
The three ‘generations’ of Farmer First The first generation represented by the first book on Farmer First covered farmer innovations preceding 1987. The second book, Beyond Farmer First, covered the period between 1987 and 1992. The third book Farmer First

6 March: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup
March 6, 2015 / Our blog
Sudan seeks stronger ties with Brazilian agriculture Sudan’s Minister for Agriculture has said that their country is seeking to attract greater agricultural investments and trade with agricultural companies from Brazil. He cited their interest in chicken and fish farms as

A study of Brazilian Trilateral Development Cooperation in Mozambique: The case of ProSAVANA and ProALIMENTOS
March 4, 2015 / Working Papers
Future Agricultures Working Paper 113 Natalia N. Fingerman February 2015 The distribution of power in the international system has dramatically changed in the twenty-first century. Emerging countries like China, India, Brazil and South Africa have expanded their capacity of influence

Chinese and Brazilian agricultural models in Mozambique. The case of the Chinese Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre and of the Brazilian ProALIMENTOS programme
March 4, 2015 / Working Papers
Future Agricultures Working Paper 112 Sérgio Chichava and Natalia N. Fingermann February 2015 China and Brazil have called increasing attention from the international community, especially in the field of development cooperation. In Africa, for instance, both countries have expanded their

Soils for life: Some cautionary tales for the International Year of Soils
Soils for life: Some cautionary tales for the International Year of Soils
March 2, 2015 / Our blog
There is no doubt that changes in soil structure, losses through erosion and soil fertility decline are important issues. But these global figures are derived from some dubious calculations that are often rather meaningless. Aggregated up from multiple small studies,

2 March 2015: China and Brazil in African Agriculture news roundup
March 2, 2015 / Our blog
Science Agenda for African Agriculture showcased by Embrapa A delegation from the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa has visited EMBRAPA in Brazil “to strengthen the existing collaboration.” The two organisations run the Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace between themselves since

Introducing our new working paper series on China & Brazil in African agriculture
February 25, 2015 / Our blog
These contrasts come out strikingly when reading across the papers. The cases also highlight the diversity of engagements grouped under ‘development cooperation’ in agriculture. Some focus on state-facilitated commercial investments; others are more akin to ‘aid projects’, but often with

Land, dispossession and the law
February 17, 2015 / Our blog
More about land and biofuels Our research on Land Green grabbing: a new appropriation of nature? Image: martey (Flickr)  

Helping farmers get access to seeds
Helping farmers get access to seeds
February 11, 2015 / Impact Stories
In 2009 Ethiopia’s cereal seed system was based on central planning, with no recognition of informal seed systems, or the role of markets in seed distribution. This system was not functioning effectively, such that farmers were unable to access quality