Pastoral Policy in Ethiopia: High Level Seminar

What does the future hold for pastoral areas in Ethiopia? What policy frameworks might work to enhance the economic potential of the livestock sector, as well as assure sustainable livelihoods in the dry zones? These are just some of the questions which were debated in a seminar held in December 2006 at the University of Sussex.

The seminar was co-hosted by the UNOCHA Pastoral Communications Initiativeand the Future Agricultures Consortium. Read the seminar programme and download the workshop report(3.7mb)

Further Reading

  • Pastoral Economic Growth and Development Policy Assessment, Ethiopia: Four papers related to pastoral economic growth and development in Ethiopia and commissioned by the Department for International Development (DfID) at the request of the Government of Ethiopia.
  1. Retrospective Assessment of Pastoral Policies in Ethiopia, 1991-2008
  2. Future Scenarios for Pastoral Development in Ethiopia, 2010-2025
  3. Policy Options for Pastoral Development in Ethiopia
  4. Policy Options for Pastoral Development in Ethiopia and Reaction from the Regions