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Media competition: winning entries

We're delighted to announce the winners of our Africa-wide journalism competition on young people, farming and food.

We had over 40 submissions to the competition. The panel was all agreed in the winning entries according to the following criteria:

1. Creative angle; 2 Concise; 3. Style; 4. Voices/quotes used including young people.

The winners and runners-up are listed below, followed by links to download the print entries and listen to the audio.

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HOT TOPIC: Reframing the ‘young people – agriculture nexus’

Are young people’s life aspirations and the vision of a dynamic agricultural sector in conflict?

Policy interest in the ‘young people – agriculture nexus’ in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), when it is evident, is framed by a combination of narratives relating to: food security and the importance of agriculture to the national economy; modernisation of the agricultural sector; ageing of the farm population; young people as ‘the nation’s future’; young people’s changing life aspirations; unemployment and underemployment; increased vulnerability of young people associated with rural – urban migration (e.g. STDs, drugs, crime); and the poor living conditions and employment prospects that rural young people encounter when they migrate to urban.

A number of framing assumptions can be identified including: Read more...

HOT TOPIC: Agribusiness, FAC and young people

Many researchers and development professionals with an interest in poverty, agriculture and rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) view agribusiness with suspicion. For them, agribusiness is synonymous with big business, transnational corporations, globalisation, international capital, export crops and large-scale plantations. More often than not, these are seen to culminate in the exploitation of local people and resources. The book Agribusiness in Africa, written by Barbara Dinham and Colin Hines in 1984, articulates many of the arguments which underpin this hostility. While the research literature addressing the structure and roles of large-scale agribusiness in SSA is limited, some examples and insights supporting these arguments can be gained from work relating to contract farming, international value chains and more recently, large-scale land deals.

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Future Farmers
Youth’s inclination toward agriculture and future farmers was highlighted in regional consultations. Schools children were asked to describe their homes in the past present and future. We put the images that children created on display. Their views far surpassed their age.

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Youth Aspirations and Expectations

FAC Future Farmers has launched a programme of research on youth aspirations for 2010-11. African rural youth have experienced significant changes in their economic, social and cultural contexts over the past few decades. Globalisation, urbanisation and migration, as well as fast evolving communication and media technology, connect them more than ever to the outside world. Inequalities resulting from under-investment and slow growth, especially in the agriculture sector, are increasingly visible to people living in rural areas.

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