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Shooting the messenger: Controversy over farmworker conditions in South Africa
Government and commercial farmers in South Africa have responded to a new report on the living and working conditions of farmworkers by criticising its methodology. Provocatively entitled 'Ripe with Abuse', the report by Human Rights Watch documents violations of minimum wages, safe working conditions and workers themselves.

By rejecting the report based on its methodology, key players miss the point: one violation of human rights is too many. The South African government is also missing an opportunity to better monitor and enforce its progressive labour laws.14 September 2011 - Stephen Devereux and Collette Solomon

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Social protection: from handouts to social justice
Read Stephen Devereux, FAC researcher, latest article Social protection: from handouts to social justice Social protection is not only about installing safety nets and reducing poverty, it also affects the social contract between governments and citizens





Ethiopian Ministry interview with FAC

Advancing the Social Protection Agenda in Ethiopia: an interview with the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MoLSA) Quarterly Bulletin

MoLSA: Just for our readers understanding, what does social protection mean?

Amdissa: Support given to citizens that are vulnerable to various economic and social shocks is generally considered as social protection. The support may be given by individuals, community, institutions or government. However, social protection needs to be coordinated and this needs a policy direction from the government. When we say vulnerable groups, this is not a static concept. People who are strong and can work today may become vulnerable tomorrow for various reasons including disability, loss of income and asset. These people, if they are left to their own devises may engage in socially unacceptable activities leading to social crisis. Therefore, there is a need for social protection system that could mitigate against all these potential problems.

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Promoting Agriculture for Social Protection

Agriculture plays a major role in pro-poor economic growth in countries with large, poor rural sectors - this is increasingly recognised. There is also a major focus on social protection interventions to address risks and insecurity affecting poor people. However current policy debate and formulation makes limited attempts to integrate agricultural and social protection policies. A number of on-going pieces of work are linked to the FAC programme providing insights into the links between agricultural growth and social protection. These include Working Papers, Policy Briefings, Conferences and engagement in other projects.

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'Graduation' and Social Protection

This project in the Growth and Social Protection theme focuses on the issue of ‘graduation’ from agricultural support and social protection programmes.

Graduation describes a process whereby recipients of cash transfers, food aid or free or subsidised inputs and assets move from a position of dependence on external assistance to a condition where they no longer need these transfers, and can therefore exit the programme.

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