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Agricultural Commercialisations – A Level Playing Field for Smallholders?
By Jennifer Leavy and Colin PoultonPolicy Brief 017

Accelerated growth in agriculture is seen by many as critical to meeting MDGs in Africa. Many national governments and international development agencies see intensification and commercialisation of smallholder agriculture playing a central role in achieving poverty reduction. The potential benefits of commercialisation are well documented. According to this thinking, smallholder agriculture is uniquely positioned to deliver broad-based growth in rural areas, where the vast majority of the world’s poor people still live.


Commercialisation research updates: Tanzania and Ethiopia

Two research updates have been published from the Commercialisation theme.

They provide an update on our case studies in Tanzania and Ethiopia, examining how small farmers have been able to take opportunities to commercialise under different conditions.

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Markets and productivity are thought to be vital to African Green Revolution

By Dr Samuel Gebreselassie

Two international conferences held recently in Addis Ababa emphasised that markets and agricultural productivity are key in lifting Africa’s small farmers out of poverty by sustaining and accelerating the growth in Africa observed over the past few years[i].

The conferences brought together high level participants from all over the world to address the issue of how to realise the promise and potential of African agriculture which provides income and livelihood for over 60 percent of Africa’s population.

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Supermarkets and Standards

The changing structure of the global agri-food system – and the role of supermarkets and standards in particular - is increasingly having an impact on small scale farming in the developing world. Supermarkets – and their intermediary buyers – need just-in-time production meeting exacting standards of quality, presentation and food safety.

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Agricultural Commercialisation
This theme examines the question of how to raise productivity in the agricultural sector, and how smallholder farmers can participate in markets and improve livelihoods. Recognising that the liberalisation orthodoxy focusing on markets has not worked (or at least only partially), we focus on institutional questions, particularly in conditions where markets are weak, thin and interlocking. Questions we will be pursuing are:

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Agricultural Commercialisation Theme Overview

A large literature exists on commercialisation — broadly defined as having greater engagement with markets, either for inputs, outputs, or both — of small, family farms.

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