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Policy Engagement

FAC researchers are contributing to the development of agriculture policy by drawing from the experience and knowledge of twenty two researchers and eleven research institutions. FAC's wide range of research themes is based on evidence and the real challenges of Africa's agricultural sector.

Our engagement with policy processes in Africa includes:policyengagementdescrip

  • Policymaker conferences and workshops
    • African Green Revolution
    • Fertiliser workshop
  • Commentary to policymakers
    • Dfid White Paper on development
    • GCARD consultations
  • CAADP engagement
    • Ethiopia compact signing





    The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is the most ambitious and comprehensive agricultural reform effort ever undertaken in Africa. An initiative of the African Union (AU) and New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), it represents a fundamental shift toward development that is fully owned and led by African governments. It reflects African governments’ recognition of agriculture as central for the alleviation of poverty and hunger and hence for reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

    1. The pursuit of six percent average annual growth in the agricultural sector at national level; and,
    2. Allocation of ten percent of national budgets to agriculture.
    A framework rather than a roadmap, CAADP is composed of a set of key principles and targets for achieving these aims by 2015. It is at once flexible enough to accommodate the need for approaches toward poverty and hunger alleviation to be tailored to regional and national contexts, and broad enough to address policy and capacity issues across the entire agricultural sector and across the entire African continent.

    CAADP’s vision of agriculture as a driver of poverty and hunger alleviation is underpinned by four pillars.

    You can learn more about each pillar directly from the CAADP website by clicking on the respective links.
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  • Policy Dialogue

    policydialogue3The Future Agricultures Consortium (FAC) aims “to encourage dialogue and the sharing of good practice by policy makers and opinion formers in Africa on the role of agriculture in broad based growth”. Therefore,creating a platform for policy dialogue within and across countries is central to FAC’s work.

    Country Co-ordinators and FAC researchers hold both formal and informal meetings with policy-makers to promote networking and research dissemination.



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  • Impact Stories

    hussein uob2African agriculture needs policies and action based on high-quality research and analysis.

    To this end, Future Agricultures engages with policy makers, government ministries, the private sector, civil society and the wider academic community.

    The stories in this section show how our research and engagement activity have informed and influenced policy debates in Africa and beyond. 

    Read our evaluations for detailed and independent analysis on FAC's impact.

    You can also download selected impact stories in a printable format.

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