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Workshop Programme


  Programme highlights

(Please click here for the full programme (PDF))

Day 1 – Wednesday, 12 December

10.00 Arrival, registration and setting up the exhibition space – an open space for posters, photographs, videos, slide shows and more, documenting experiences from the field

11.00 Welcome, introductions and programme overview

11.30 Robert Chambers ( IDS ): Farmer First: past, present, future?

12.30 Lunch and open space time

14.00 Scene-setting presentations

Plenary discussion of key themes and questions for the conference

15.30 Tea/coffee

‘Wiki-Timeline' Exercise.

Sharing Session - posters, exhibits, videos, slide presentations etc. in the open space

Dinner in Brighton


Day 2 – Thursday, 13 December

Theme 1: Agricultural innovation systems – putting farmers first?

09.00 Opening comments for Theme 1 session, followed by four discussants' presentations and plenary responses

10.15 Coffee; start of group sessions

a) Farmer participatory research and adaptive management

b) Engaging with markets

c) Science and the politics of knowledge

d) Assessing outcomes: participatory learning and impact assessment

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Theme 1 Brief rapporteurs' feedback


Theme 2: Organising agricultural research and development for the 21st century

14.00 Theme 2: Three discussant's presentations and plenary responses

15.00 Tea/coffee; group sessions

a) Private-public linkages

b) What is the future of extension?

c) Creating demand: the role of farmers' organisations

17.00 Rapporteurs' quick feedback

Restaurant dinner in Brighton


Day 3 – Friday, 14 December

9.00 Where have we got to? First thoughts on key emerging issues ( Ian Scoones / John Thompson )

9.30 Three discussants' presentations and plenary responses

10.15 Coffee break; group sessions

Theme 3: Methodological innovation, personal and organisational change: looking to the future

a) Institutionalising participation in large, public R&D organisations

b) Building networks and partnerships for change: power and relationships

c) New professionals: changing agricultural education systems

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Theme 3 rapporteurs' feedback followed by a final plenary discussion

Revisit ‘wiki' timeline – final reflections on new drivers and directions

Open plenary discussion on key issues, challenges and ways forward

15.30 Tea/coffee

16.00 Panel Session: reflections from different perspectives – identifying next steps

17.00 Close and thanks – Robert Chambers , Ian Scoones and John Thompson



Download the full Farmer First Revisited Workshp Programme here.

Post-workshop summary
Ian Scoones, John Thompson and Robert Chambers

Farmer First Retrospect and Prospect
Workshop Overview paper
Ian Scoones, John Thompson and Robert Chambers

Future Agricultures
STEPS Centre