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Workshop Papers


  Conference Papers

From this page, you can access the individual papers submitted for discussion at the conference. The papers are organised by the theme and session and listed by author name and paper title. For full details of sessions please see the Conference Programme.

These papers are in draft form and should not be cited, reproduced or circulated without the permission of the author

Please note: Lead paper authors who are not participating in person in this conference are designated with an asterisk (*). In several such cases, co-authors will be present.

Scene Setting Presentations

Theme 1: Agricultural innovation systems – putting farmers first?

Theme 2: Organising agricultural research and development for the 21st century

Theme 3: Methodological innovation, personal and organisational change: looking to the future

Farmer First Retrospect and Prospect
Ian Scoones, John Thompson and Robert Chambers


Scene-setting presentations

Robert Chambers ( IDS ): Farmer First: past, present, future?

Andy Hall, UNU-Merit/LINK – Building innovation systems: future challenges for agricultural development

Jacqueline Ashby , International Potato Center (CIP) – Fostering farmer first methodological innovation, organisational learning and change in international agricultural research

Evening talk
Adewale Adekunle – Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) – Agricultural research and development in Africa: new challenges for Farmer First approaches.


Theme 1: Agricultural innovation systems – putting farmers first?

a)   Farmer participatory research and adaptive management

Discussant's presentation (Adrienne Martin - Natural Resources Institute, Greenwich, UK)

Edward Chuma – UZ, Zimbabwe – Participatory, interactive innovation and development experiences in Zimbabwe and South Africa [provisional title]

Cecilia Turin – National Agricultural University, La Molina , Peru – Advocacy Coalitions to Build Participatory Processes in the Peruvian Altiplano: Increasing Human Capacities to Adapt to Changes

Ravi Prabhu et al. – CIFOR – Action Research with Local Forest Users and Managers: Lessons from CIFOR's Research on Adaptive Collaborative Management

Jean Claude Rubyogo and Louise Sperling – CIAT – Developing seed systems with and for the poor and marginalised: case of beans ( phaseolus vulgaris L ) in east, central and southern Africa

Rob Tripp – ODI – Crop management innovation and the economics of attention

Yan Zhaoli – ICIMOD – Co-management of Rangeland Resources in Hindu Kush–Himalayan Region: Involving Farmers in the Policy Process

Todd Crane – Wageningen – If we put farmers first, where do the pastoralists go? Political ecology and participation in central Mali

Norman Uphoff – CIIFAD – Farmer Innovations in the System of Rice Intensification (SRI)


b) Engaging with markets

Discussant's presentation (John Dixon - CIMMYT)

Clive Lightfoot and Ueli Scheuermeier – Lightfoot Consulting – Testing an Operational Strategy for Learning How to Improve Small Holder Farmers' Links to Markets

Julieta Roa – UPWARD – Developing Alternative Innovation Pathways based on the Market Chain Approach: the Case of Rootcrop Chips In Leyte, Philippines

Dindo Campilan* et al. – UPWARD – Beyond the Farmer and the Farm: UPWARD, User's Perspectives and Agricultural Livelihoods

Jemimah Njuki et al. – CIAT – Empowering communities through market-led development: community agro-enterprise experiences from Uganda and Malawi

Susan Kaaria et al. – CIAT – Enabling rural innovation in Africa : an approach for empowering smallholder farmers to access market opportunities for improved livelihoods

Vincon Nyimbo – Agricultural Marketing Systems Development Programme, Tanzania – The First Mile: Making better market access sustainable for small farmers

Rapporteur's notes of the group discussion


c) Science and the politics of knowledge

Discussant's presentation (Melissa Leach - IDS and the STEPS Centre, Sussex, UK)

Shambu Prasad – Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) – Encounters, Dialogues and Learning Alliances among Farmers, Scientists and Others in the System of Rice Intensification in India

Anil Gupta – IIM-Ahmedabad – From Sink to Source: The Honey Bee Innovator Network Documents Indigenous Knowledge and Innovations in India

Monty P. Jones and Sidi Sanyang* – FARA – Promoting inclusion of civil society organizations (CSOs) in African Agricultural Research and Development

Kerry Albright – NR International – Research into Use: Linking scientists and users in innovation systems

Oscar Ortiz et al. – CIP – Participatory research on potato-related innovation systems in Bolivia , Ethiopia , Peru and Uganda

Virginia Nazarea – University of Georgia – A Map of Her Own: Accessing the Imagined, Imagining the Unaccessed

Norman Uphoff – CIIFAD – The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) as a System of Agricultural Innovation


d) Assessing outcomes: participatory learning and impact assessment

Discussant's presentation (Maria Fernandez - University of Chapel Hill, NC, USA)

Dawit Abebe – Tufts, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Participatory impact assessment of pastoral development in Ethiopia .

Boru Douthwaite and Martin Gummert – CIAT and IRRI – Learning Selection Revisited

Boru Douthwaite – CIAT – Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis

Irene Guijt – Learning by Design – Rethinking monitoring for collective learning in rural resource management

Adrienne Martin – Natural Resources Institute – So what difference does it make? Assessing the impacts and outcomes of farmer participatory research

Pascal Sanginga* – CIAT/IDRC – Tracking outcomes of participatory policy learning and action research: Methodological issues and empirical evidence from participatory bylaw reforms in Uganda



Theme 2: Organising agricultural research and development for the 21st century

a) Private-public linkages

Discussant's presentation (Ian Scoones - IDS and the STEPS Centre)

Dominic Glover – IDS – Farmer participation in private sector agricultural extension services and innovation systems: the case of Monsanto in India

Bino Témé* et al. – Institut d'Economie Rurale , Mali – De la création d'une station de recherche au renforcement des capacités des producteurs: L'experience de la Fondation Syngenta au Mali [in French]

Gospel Omanya – AATF, Nairobi – A Bridge for Delivering Innovations to Smallholder Farmers in Africa

Andy Peters – GALVmed – Protecting Livestock - Saving Human Life

David Spielman* et al. – IFPRI – Public–private partnerships and developing-country agriculture: evidence from the international agricultural research system

Rapporteur's summary of the group discussion


b) What is the future of extension?

Discussant's presentation (Rob Tripp - ODI, London)

Amanuel Assefa – AgriService Ethiopia – Farmer-led innovation: Experiences and challenges in Ethiopia

Qi Gubo et al. – College of Humanities and Development, China Agricultural University – Institutionalizing Farmer-Centered Research Approach (FCRA) in China

Paul Van Mele – WARDA – The Role of International Agricultural Research Centres in strengthening rural extension

Hlamalani Ngwenya and Jürgen Hagmann – PICO South Africa and TAD Group, Wageningen University – Facilitation for change: Triggering emancipation and innovation in rural communities in South Africa

Richard Ewbank* et al. – FARM-Africa – Farmer Participatory Research in Northern Tanzania

Niels Röling and Janice Jiggins* – Wageningen Agricultural University – Making trans-disciplinary science work for resource-poor farmers

Ahmad Salahuddin et al. – IRRI, Bangladesh – Values in agricultural research and development management: rhetoric and practice

Yunita Winarto – University of Indonesia – ‘Bull' vs. ‘Tiger': Can the bull and the tiger work collaboratively? A reflection on farmer first in Indonesia


c) Creating demand and increasing accountability: the role of farmers' organisations

Discussant's presentation (Ann Waters-Bayer - PROLINNOVA)

Khamarunga Banda* - National African Farmers Union of South Africa (NAFU SA)– Experiences of the African Alliance of sub-regional Farmer Organisations.

Beatriz del Rosario – International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) Philippines – Fostering farmer–scientist research collaboration on improving crop productivity and profitability – the IFAP perspective

Assetou Kanouté – ADAF/ Gallé , Mali – Promoting Farmer Experimentation and Innovation to Improve Food Security and Natural Resource Conservation in the Sahel (Profeis): Case Of Mali

Nduati Kariuki* – Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers (KENFAP) – Farmer First Revisited: Farmer-centred research

Michael Kibue – Kikasha Livestock (Beef) Association, Kenya – Learning to Set Up a Fair Trade Livestock Marketing Chain from Massai Pastoralists to Consumers in Nairobi, Kenya

Elizabeth Vargas and William Burgoa* – CIPCA – Farmers' participation in policy advocacy processes: Reviewing two cases from Bolivia

Rapporteur's summary of the group discussion


Theme 3: Methodological innovation, personal and organisational change: looking to the future

a) Institutionalising participation in large, public R&D organisations

Discussant's presentation (C Shambu Prasad - Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India)

John Dixon – CIMMYT – Institutionalising approaches to farmer participation in FAO and CIMMYT [provisional title]

Ruth Meinzen-Dick* – IFPRI/CAPRi – Institutionalising the Study of Institutions in Agricultural Research: Reflections on the CGIAR Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights ( CAPRi )

Dannie Romney – CABI – New approaches to research – experiences from research organisations

Rasheed Sulaiman – CRISP – Farmer first or still last? Uneven institutional development in the Indian agricultural innovation system

John Witcombe et al. – CAZS-NR, University of Wales , Bangor – Client-oriented breeding and seed supply

Jamie Watts and Douglas Horton* – ILAC – Institutional Learning and Change: An initiative to promote greater impact through agricultural research for poverty alleviation

Li Xiaoyun et al. – Chinese Agricultural University – Pro-smallholders' Agricultural Science And Technology Policies in China

Rapporteur's summary of the discussion


b) Building networks and partnerships for change: power and relationships

Discussant's presentation (Susan Kaaria - CIAT)

Maria Arce – Practical Action – Food sovereignty: a farmer-led policy framework

Awa Faly Ba – IED Afrique – Communicating farmers' knowledge: AGRIDAPE and PROFEIS experiences

Scott Killough – World Neighbours – Time for a new dream?: Reflections on partnerships for ‘action research’ to realize participatory agricultural research and extension

Oliver Oliveros* – DURAS Project – Challenges of strengthening the involvement of stakeholders in innovation and research: the DURAS experience

Lydia Sasu – Development Action Association (DAA), Ghana – ARD: Evidence In Contributing to the Achievement of the MDGs – Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty; promoting gender equality and empowering women – Poster Exhibition – local fish storage

Edith van Walsum – ILEIA – Learning to value LEISA: Experiences in global knowledge networking for Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture

Ann Waters-Bayer et al. – Prolinnova – PROLINNOVA: Building Partnerships to Promote Local Innovation Processes

Bernard Triomphe – CIRAD – How may research take part in innovation processes involving multi-stakeholder partnerships? Lessons, challenges and opportunities

Anil Gupta – Honey Bee Network – Through the Doors Within: Network, Institutions and Movement

Paul Richards – TAD, Wageningen University – Farmer s First? Towards a neural network perspective on farmer seed systems


c) New professionals: changing agricultural education systems

Discussant's presentation (Niels Roling - Wagenginen University, the Netherlands)

Andy Catley* – Tufts, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia – From marginal to normative: institutionalizing participatory epidemiology

Jürgen Hagmann et al. – PICOTEAM – Learning to make Change: Developing Innovation & Change Competence in African Universities

Jethro Pettit and Peter Taylor* – IDS – Which farmers first? Power and resilience in learning for agriculture and development

Robert Rhoades – University of Georgia – Participation, Paternalism and Practicality: Reconciling Sustainability Science and Indigenous Agendas

Li Xiaoyun et al. – Chinese Agricultural University – China's higher education policy reform in practice: rejuvenating rural development studies.




Download the full Farmer First Revisited Workshop Programme here

Post-workshop summary
Ian Scoones, John Thompson and Robert Chambers

Farmer First Retrospect and Prospect
Workshop Overview paper
Ian Scoones, John Thompson and Robert Chambers

Additional Papers

Agricultural Innovation for Rural Development: a master's program for professionals working in rural areas
M. E. Fernandez and O. Ortiz

From Farmers First to Labourers First: Why do we still know so little?
Anil K Gupta

Enhancing technical, organisational and institutional innovation in urban agriculture
G. Prain and H. de Zeeuw


Future Agricultures
STEPS Centre