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Farmer First

Farmer First: Farmer Innovation and Agricultural Research
Edited by Robert Chambers, Arnold Pacey and Lori Ann Thrupp
London: IT Publications, 1989.

This volume collected together a selection of the papers presented and discussions that took place at the original Farmer First workshop, entitled “Farmers and Agricultural Research: Complementary Methods”, which took place at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, 26–31 July 1987.

Click on the links to view scanned copies of selected sections of the book (by kind permission of Practical Action Publishing).

Table of Contents, pp.iii–xi

Introduction: three types of agriculture, pp.xvi–xx

Part 1: Farmer innovation

Part 1 Introduction / Robert Rhoades, ‘The role of farmers in the creation of agricultural technology', pp. 3–9

Anil K. Gupta, ‘Scientists' views of farmers' practices in India : barriers to effective communication', pp. 24–31

Farmers' knowledge, innovations, and relation to science – workshop discussion, pp. 31–38.

Paul Richards, ‘Agriculture as a performance', pp. 39–43

Interactions for local innovation – workshop discussion, pp. 43–51

Part 2: Farmers' agendas first

Part 2 Introduction / Roland Bunch, ‘Encouraging farmers' experiments', pp. 55–61

Gordon R. Conway, ‘Diagrams for farmers', pp. 77–86

Anil K. Gupta and IDS workshop, ‘Maps drawn by farmers and extensionists', pp. 86–92

Clive Lightfoot et al. , ‘Systems diagrams to help farmers decide in on-farm research', pp. 93–100

Interactive research – workshop discussion, pp. 100–105

Part 3: Practical participation

Part 3 Introduction / J. Sumberg and C. Okali, ‘Farmers, on-farm research and new technology', pp. 109–114

Jacqueline A. Ashby et al. , ‘Farmer participation in technology development', pp. 115–122

Farmers' groups and workshops – workshop discussion, pp. 122–126

Maria E. Fernandez and Hugo Salvatierra, ‘Participatory technology validation in highland communities of Peru ', 146–150

Final reflections about on-farm research methods – workshop discussion, pp. 157–161

Part 4: Institutions and practical change

Part 4 Introduction / Context and change – workshop discussion, pp. 165–169

Robert Chambers, ‘Reversals, institutions and change', pp. 181–195



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