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Beyond Farmer First

Beyond Farmer First: Rural People's Knowledge, Agricultural Research and Extension Practice
Edited by Ian Scoones and John Thompson
London: IT Publications, 1994.

This book presented a selection of the papers presented at the workshop “Beyond Farmer First”, which took place at the Institute of Development Studies , Sussex , in October 1992.

Click on the links to view scanned copies of selected sections of the book (by kind permission of Practical Action Publishing).

Table of contents, pp. iii–viii

List of workshop participants and contributors to the volume, pp. 273–277

Ian Scoones and John Thompson, ‘Introduction', pp. 1–12

Part 1: Theoretical reflections on knowledge, power and practice

Pt 1 Introduction / Ian Scoones and John Thompson, ‘Knowledge, power and agriculture – towards a theoretical understanding', pp. 15–32

Part 2: Methodological innovations, applications and challenges

Pt 2 Introduction / Andrea Cornwall et al. , ‘Acknowledging process: methodological challenges for agricultural research and extension', pp. 97–117

Jeffrey W. Bentley, ‘Stimulating peasant farmer experiments in non-chemical pest control in Central America ', pp. 147–150

Yunita T. Winarto, ‘Encouraging knowledge exchange: integrated pest management in Indonesia ', 150–154

Part 3: Transforming institutions and changing policies

Pt 3 Introduction / Jules N. Pretty and Robert Chambers, ‘Towards a learning paradigm: new professionalism and institutions for a sustainable agriculture', pp. 181–202

John Farrington and Anthony J. Bebbington, ‘From research to innovation: getting the most from interaction with NGOs', pp. 203–213

Anthony J. Bebbington, ‘Farmers' federations and food systems: organizations for enhancing rural livelihoods', pp. 220–224

Sam Fujisaka, ‘Will farmer participatory research survive in the International Agricultural Research Centres?', pp. 227–235

Niels Röling, ‘Facilitating sustainable agriculture: turning policy models upside down', pp. 245–248

Lori-Ann Thrupp and Jorge Uquillas, ‘The “Beyond Farmer First” researcher: A play in two acts', pp. 266–269



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