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The perfect package for reducing poverty is made up of different parts
The perfect package for reducing poverty is made up of different parts
July 8, 2015 / Our blog
Graduating out of poverty This focus on building resilience and enabling households to move out of poverty, and out of programme dependence using a number of interventions, has become the driver of a range of new-generation social protection approaches known

Making irrigation work for Africa: 10 questions decision makers should ask
July 1, 2015 / Our blog
The good news is that the international community is showing renewed interest in African agriculture. The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme has ambitions to expand irrigation by a third over the next decade and the private sector is also being

Strengthening land rights in Zambia
Strengthening land rights in Zambia
June 30, 2015 / Our blog
Consultation and consent The research found a widespread failure to adequately consult. People were likely to be affected by commercial investments, either because there were no national norms for consultation (as in Zambia) or because these existed but were flouted

24 June 2015: China and Brazil in African agriculture – news roundup
June 24, 2015 / Our blog
Made in China 2025 The Chinese government has announced a mandate for the country to produce 90% of its own farm machinery by 2020. This is part of a new government programme called ‘Made in China 2025’ which intends to

Land grabbing in Southeast Asia – what can Africa learn?
June 12, 2015 / Our blog
Colonial and post-colonial plantations The most significant trend in Southeast Asia appears to be the massive expansion of commercial tree plantations, particularly oil palm and rubber, in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma). The ironies are everywhere

Zimbabwe’s new agricultural entrepreneurs III: irrigators
June 5, 2015 / Our blog
Case 1: I live in Clare A1 resettlement area. My irrigated area is about 1.5ha. I started this project early 2004. We used to have a co-operative garden back in the communal area, before we came to the resettlement, so

Global land grabbing: new papers & special issues
June 2, 2015 / Our blog
  The conference website has 68 papers already posted, and there are expected to be around 100 presentations on all dimensions of land and environmental change in the region at the event. Another new set of resources comes in a

New ‘African Farmer Game’ version played at the 2015 STEPS Summer School
New ‘African Farmer Game’ version played at the 2015 STEPS Summer School
May 22, 2015 / Our blog
The new version of the single player game includes five contrasting configurations of households in a single village of ten households, each with varying amounts of land, labour and working capital. This increases the amount of inter-household social and economic

The UK election, Africa and Zimbabwe
May 5, 2015 / Our blog
However, as the African Arguments piece shows, the way ‘international development’ is framed in the manifestos is – with some exceptions – very different to the hey-day of the late 1990s, when the Department for International Development was formed. Today,

BRICS and agriculture: how the new ‘hubs of capital’ are changing development
April 28, 2015 / Our blog
Emerging dynamics Despite the hyperbole often associated with ‘rising powers’, one thing that struck me from across the presentations was the limits to accumulation and the extension and penetration of new forms of capital. There has been much debate about