Research themes

The APRA Consortium is focusing on five key outcomes of commercialisation including empowerment of women and girls; income and consumption poverty; inequality; employment rates and conditions; and food and nutrition security – across three complementary Work Streams.

Work Stream 1 is examining the outcomes of different types of commercialisation and analysing people’s selection choices and their outcomes,

Work Stream 2 is exploring longitudinal change over time and identifying different pathways of agricultural commercialisation and their outcomes.

Work Stream 3 is analysing key policy issues associated with changing patterns of agricultural commercialisation through six focused, multi-country, policy studies.

These include business investment in agricultural commercialisation; growth corridors and commercialisation: sites of expanding opportunities?; (medium-scale farmers; BRICS interventions in agricultural commercialisation; commercialisation of livestock systems: winners and losers; and young people and agricultural commercialisation.

APRA is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and will run from 2016-2021. The programme will focus on six countries across East, West and Southern Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zimbabwe), representing both DFID priority countries and New Alliance countries.