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About us

Future Agricultures logoThe Future Agricultures Consortium is an Africa-based alliance of research organisations seeking to provide timely, high-quality and independent information and advice to improve agricultural policy and practice in Africa.

Through a network of over 90 researchers across the region and around the world, we are showing how agricultural policy in Africa can help to reduce poverty and strengthen agricultural growth.

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New West Africa hub coordinator appointed

Joseph YaroWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Joseph Yaro as our regional coordinator for West Africa.

Prof Yaro is Associate Professor of Human Geography at the University of Ghana, Legon, and has been a member of Future Agricultures for over five years, contributing to our work on Land and Agricultural Commercialisation in Africa; Young People, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship in Africa; and Institutional Arrangements in Land Deals in Africa.

Find out more about our regional hubs

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Video: Future Agricultures in Africa

Hannington OdameIn early 2013, Future Agricultures moved to a regional structure to support our growing network of researchers in Africa and beyond.

In these short videos, the co-ordinators of our three ‘hubs’ in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, and our CAADP co-ordinator, explain their vision for Future Agricultures in Africa: working within countries, regions and across Africa to share learning and engage with policy.

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Future Agricultures has a diverse network of partners in Africa and worldwide, working together on research, communications and policy engagement.

This page gives information about the hosts of our four regional hubs and a list of our research partners across the globe.

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Introducing the co-ordinating team

The convenors of our African and European regional 'hubs' work closely with the CAADP Co-ordinator and communications team.

Find out more about what the hubs do and how we work.

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Future Agricultures establishes 3 new regional hubs in Africa


The Future Agricultures Consortium has instituted a regional, Africa-centred structure to support its research and policy engagement activities, with ‘hubs’ in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and the UK.

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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides advice on the strategy and focus of our work. Members are invited on the basis of their experience and expertise in research and policy on African agriculture.

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Who we are

Future Agricultures logoFuture Agricultures is an Africa-based alliance of research organisations seeking to provide timely, high-quality and independent information and advice to improve agricultural policy and practice in Africa.

The Consortium involves over 90 senior researchers and post-graduate students from leading African and UK institutions working with a wide range of partners. It receives funding from the UK Government.

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Our research themes

Future Agricultures explores what needs to be done to get different forms of agriculture – food/cash crops, livestock/pastoralism, smallholdings/contract farming/large holdings – moving on a track of increasing productivity and competitiveness.

We do this through work in 10 themes, examining how agricultural policy is made and put into practice in different settings, and how this could be improved.

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How we work

villageproducemarket1Future Agricultures is based around three regional hubs related to the major regional economic communities in Africa, and a fourth hub in Europe.

Each hub is linked to and supports a network of national, regional, and international partners that provide academically-robust, policy-focused research and advice on agricultural policy processes in Africa.

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Editorial roles on academic journals


As well as writing articles and papers, Future Agricultures members are involved in lead editorial roles in a number of prestigious academic journals.

The list below includes some of the titles where our members have a significant role.

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