Challenges Facing Youth in Zimbabwe

What does the future hold for the youth in Zimbabwe after land reform? A five-part blog series by Ian Scoones examines the main issues facing young people in new resettlement areas in Zimbabwe.

The topic of youth and African agriculture is a central policy concern in Zimbabwe, with questions surrounding who the next generation of farmers will be, and how they will shape the future of agriculture after land reform.

The study focuses on rural Zimbabweans and tracks school leavers to land reform beneficiaries. A hopeful vision of a future career in agriculture is highlighted, along with the stark reality that very few opportunities exist. The various challenges that young people face in Zimbabwe means that traditional life courses such as marriage and obtaining land are no longer a guarantee. Because of these challenges, many young people find it difficult to transition from education to employment, and are simply left in limbo. With a harsh economy and little agricultural support, what does the future hold for the youth in Zimbabwe?

The five-part blog series first appeared on Zimbabweland and can also be viewed here:

Young people and agriculture: implications for post-land reform Zimbabwe
Imagined futures: what will rural school leavers being doing in 20 years?
How are the children of Zimbabwe’s land reform beneficiaries making a living?
Diverse life courses: difficult choices for young people in rural Zimbabwe
What prospects for the next generation of rural Zimbabweans?

The topic of youth and agriculture in Africa will form an important part in policy research within work stream 3 of Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA). For more information on APRA and the work streams involved,